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Name:Colonial Nelson
Birthdate:Feb 1
Location:Wallis and Futuna
In the distant land of Architectura lives a race of giants known as the Domuses. The Domuses resemble anthropomorphic houses, complete with human faces and appendages- and, of course, wacky human personalities! They lead lives not so unlike those of human beings, except instead of living in homes like the ones we know, they live in structures called Celebritas, best described as tall and hollow flesh-colored statues resembling the performing artist Pitbull.

Just like humans, Domuses age. They begin their lives as baby one-car garages and eventually grow into bigger homes. If a Domus has great genes, he or she can expect to one day grow up to be a big palatial estate, though the population distribution varies between bungalows and mansions. This particular journal, however, is for a young, gray garage named Colonial Nelson.

Colonial Nelson is approximately 13 or 14 in human years. He is a good-natured scamp who enjoys picking on his little sister Colonial Nadine, yet at the same time is fiercely protective of her. He dreams one day of being a House Doctor, specializing in windows, just like his father. In his free time Colonial Nelson enjoys playing outside which leads him to wander off on wild adventures.

Just where will Colonial Nelson end up today?

(PS: This is a RP Journal. :X )

Interests (12):

exploring, growing up to be a 3-story domus!, house alvin and the chipmunks, house animorphs, house basketball, house beatles, house die hard, house fallout boy, house my chemical romance, picking on my sis, playing outside, rocks like basalt
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